Welcome to the brand spanking new EnjoyTheSamples.com! This site is a new project orchestrated by the industry veterans, created to deliver even more awesome for absolutely free.

This site, for those who aren’t familiar with the free stuff scene, is a private independant-run sample giveaway directory that lists exclusive offers from a variety of sponsors in an attempt to help users maximize on free swag and help companies acquire lifelong customers built on honest hard work and superior products.

This, in a nutshell, is capitalism at its best. The American Dream lived out through both corporate giants and small family-owned businesses, competing as equals in an economy so cold that only so many brands can survive. Fortunately, despite the economic hurricane happening all around us, there are some silver linings, and this site is the amalgamation of those benefits.

You, the hardworking american, will soon have access to a wealth of free samples that, over time, allow you to save money and decide how best to spend your newfound riches. Companies battle to deliver the best product in a variety of industries, and you get to taste test them all and decide for yourself who will get your bucks.

We hope that this site puts as many smiles on American and Canadian faces as it does justice in the framework that is capitalism. Embark with us on this ride, for it is rewarding and downright fun. Everybody loves a package, and now everybody can have a steady stream of usable packages arriving in a lineup at their door. Did we mention that this is all 100% free, from the shipping to the handling to the manufacturing to the delivery, you will not sacrifice a penny!

The excitement is just beginning. Stay tuned as tomorrow, our first sample promotion goes live! For the sake of drama, we will keep it under wraps for now, but we shall offer up a hint: You’ll be thrilled by what we will be¬†dishing out¬†over the next few days!

Check back tomorrow, and tell a friend!

Yours truly,

Alex Spriggs
Company Founder and CEO