Announcing our first sample!

This is a proud moment for indeed – today we launch our first wide-scale product giveaway, and we couldn’t be more excited about the product!

Introducing Palmolive Pure + Clear Liquid Detergent. This sassy new dishwashing detergent is Palmolive’s new response to the growing environmental cause, and it is a stunning product.

First worth mentioning is that this stuff gets your dishes spotless, with minimal effort. A lot of people might suspect that when you go green, you have to sacrifice some quality and get ready to scrub scrub scrub. Not true! This product proves that you can have a biodegradable, non-chemical product that is as pleasurable to use as its phosphate-loaded competition.

And, guess what! You get to try it today! Hurry up though, as we only have a limited supply of these small sample bottles, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

On a legal note, we gotta throw in that this offer is not sponsored by Palmolive, but by an independant survey company that may be affiliated with Colgate, the company that owns Palmolive, or a subsidiary or affiliate. EnjoyTheSamples is not endorsed by Colgate.

Wanna check this out and nab yours now? Follow this link and you’ll be washing with pride and saving the whales in no time!

Vanessa Lekes
Head of Marketing

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