Keeping Your Home Sanctuary A.K.A Bathroom Spotlessly Clean

Keeping Your Home Sanctuary A.K.A Bathroom Spotlessly Clean

The bathroom, more specifically the sink, shower, and bathtub, have brought with it mixed connotations. It might be of the luxury and relaxation in the aesthetic movie ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ you just watched yesterday.

Or it’s where your imagination shifts from time to time, after constantly being bombarded with the bathroom selfies or travel vlogs you always envy.

Or on another spectrum, it might well evoke a strong, pungent smell from the room next to yours, where you thought you would surely give a wipe the next day but it never actually happened.

Whatever it is, bathroom is a place you frequently pay visits to yet rarely get to care about.

Why A Bathroom Matters

The bathroom is where you get to take a short break and a deep breath for your very self every morning, before gearing it all up and commuting to the grinds of the workplace.

The bathroom is where a lot of odd yet worthy ideas are born. Maybe at this point, you’ve heard of the Archimedes anecdote. The gist of the legendary is that he was suddenly struck with a conscious principle of displacement. While he was stepping into a full bath.

Yes, you read it right. He was so surprised by it that he jumped right out of the bathtub, all naked, going outside and repeatedly yelled ‘Eureka!’. Or in short, the bathroom nurtures many valuable ideas.

They are omnipresent. Bathrooms are everywhere. Like a built-in necessity, they could be found in apartments, homestays, even in the very mobile home. They are always ready for your own needs.

They manifest something about you. Since you spend a lot amount of time there, they might reflect something about you – their owners. They can tell if you’ve met hygienic standards, or what your morning routines are, but mostly they show your sanitary habits.

From this point on, there will be some uncomfortable statistical figures in the bathroom. Spoiler alert: Use your discretion.

What You Don’t Know About Your Bathroom

As the place that you (and your family) mostly do your necessities, it should be cleaned on a regular basis, in order to ensure your intact physical state, keep your house guests happy, at the same time make it truly safe and comfortable for your home sanctuary.

But first, bear in mind these clarifications:

  1. The floor could contain more germs than any other area in the bathrooms.
  2. The toothbrush: it’s dirty not only because it’s extracted from your mouth, but also because of where you usually put it.

With such thin and soft hair on, there is a lot of space for bacteria to penetrate and throw a huge party on, not to mention the facilitating humidity of its place inside a bathroom.

  1. Toothbrush holders contain more than double the mold and yeast of that from the toilet seats.
  2. Towels: you use your bare dirty hands, which are exposed to every kind of thing, to scrub it all over your body.

What that does is simply spreading infection onto the towels, and then the moist on them retain that infection in.

If this process repeats over and over, it might eventually turn into an invisible disaster.

  1. Loofah. Like the towels, loofah has lots of cracks and crevices for bacteria to hide, and the number off such bacteria increases over time thanks to the moisture of the bathroom.

Not to mention the horrendous dead skin from your body still living in the loofah every time doing a bath.

Next up, have you ever wondered where the water (and bubbles) that tub drain might lead to? I mean, if it’s not clogged.

And speaking of clogged drain, you would want to find out how to keep a bathtub drain right on point in a mobile home, someday, for your own road trip. Just in case.

Yes, there are too many questions about bathrooms that we can’t find out the answer quite yet. Let’s just go one by one with the first question: How to keep ‘em clean?

Keeping Your Bathroom Spotlessly Clean

  1. Keep the Squeegee in the Shower

The squeegee might prove useful to drive out the after-liquids in your bathroom, as it eliminates the retention of water after showering, at the same time reduces the inner moisture to disable the nasty development of bacteria.

Also, keeping a squeegee in the shower constantly reminds you of cleaning the floor daily.

  • Change your toothbrush every two months

By doing this, your dental health would be improved significantly, as it prevents long-term residues on your toothbrush and also is more effective in cleaning your teeth.

Seemingly easy, yet we, more often than not, neglect this. Thus what I always do after changing to my new toothbrush is to get a permanent marker and write that exact date on, so I’ll keep my mind fresh for two more months.

  • Purchase a bathroom organizer

Shampoo, conditioner, razor, body lotion, hand sanitizer, dryer or whichever clutter they are, keep them on a neat organizer.

It would help place them in order and preserve the perfect quality of those products much nicely as well, rather than have them looked like a gross mess after a stressful day at work.

  • Clean the toilet regularly

Needless to say how dirty your toilet is. But, scrubbing the toilet is such an achy pain in the neck. But what else can we do?

Rubber gloves, check. Toilet wand, check. Toilet gels, check. Let’s do it regularly and you’ll see it not that boring.

  • Replace bar soap with liquid soap

At some point, you might think what would happen to your bar of soap are left all out in the open, like I constantly did last year.

Mine was, more than once, horrendously bitten by rats and cockroaches. I had to dump those bars right away.

But it all changed when I first laid my hands on liquid soap. ‘So convenient and hygienic’, I had to exclaim, and still stick to it as of now.

Learn To Tackle Bathroom Malfunction

Since the bathroom is rarely tended to, what if something is out of order? Say, a bathtub spout? Do you even know what that is?

If you don’t, just don’t freak out. I’ll keep you posted.


That’s pretty much what I have to say about our dear dear bathroom. My point is, please try your best to care for it just like the way it nourishes our feelings for such a long time. Peace!


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