Attention all product-oriented businesses.

Do you offer a high-quality product? Is it mass manufactured and does it maintain a low production cost? Would you like to acquire new clients and customers that will continue to support your product for as long as your product satisfies them?

EnjoyTheSamples is your link to the public as a whole. We have the ability to send samples out, targeting them by region, gender, age group, or any other demograph criteria you may require. ETS prides itself on efficiency, and you might be surprised to learn how low our fees are and how little it costs for you to manufacture a large enough sample size to please our audience. Our former site, SampleTime, would often allow businesses to reach a 300-400% ROI on its first batch alone!

Whats more is that this new company is branching out more. We hope soon to be including survey questions that will allow you to learn more about your target audience as you provide them with samples. You would be amazed at how insightful an outside customer can be in terms of the flaws to your product, or any possible improvements. It’s like an additional free focus group! Often a company is way too close to their product to be able to see it objectively, and sometimes a clear problem or solution is right in front of your face but you are too near to see it.

With all this in mind, it would be impossible to list an accurate quote as to what our costs are. Please contact us! We would love to discuss your needs and how our businesses can work together. Simply contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • The name and a brief description of your product(s).
  • A brief overview of marketing strategies currently deployed to support sales.
  • An approximate budget as to your total expenditure (including vague estimates on your manufacturing costs and a budget for our services).
  • A timeline as to when you would like services to commence.
  • Any other information you believe to be relevant to us.

We look forward to hearing from your business!